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Hey there! Welcome to my Journal! I am so excited to take on this journey with you.

If you don't know me already, my name is Deema. I'm an herbalist, skin-care formulator, writer, plant tender and the founder of AlkamiCare, an online apothecary based in London.

An offering from me to you

Herbalism, knowledge, empowerment, and creative expression greatly influence the work behind AlkamiCare. I invite you to join me in cultivating a space of curiosity, remembrance, vulnerability and inspiration. You can learn more about us here.

What you'll find here: Botanical recipes and rituals for self-care + wellness, herbal monographs, plant lore, product back-stories and seasonal reflections.

This is a space to connect with us and the work that we do. We aim to be transparent all while supporting you in your herbal journey. Come here for your recipe inspirations and all things herbal delights.

Learn about our values here.

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To get started, read our first Journal entry, come craft with me! Orange Peel & Garden Herbs Oxymel

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Herbalism, knowledge, empowerment, creative expression, a wonderful blend! Beautiful space to be a part of, thank you Deema!

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