About AlkamiCare

Welcome to AlkamiCare, a sanctuary for intentional living and seasonal delights. Immerse yourself in our realm of mindful living through our slow living journal and folk herbal apothecary, where hand-blended teas, flower essences, and artisan crafts invite you on a journey of holistic well-being.

Embark on an enriching voyage with us to our rural retreats nestled in the heart of Greece, where the natural rhythm guides experiences like olive and wheat harvests. Our philosophy is deeply rooted in fostering connections – to the earth and one another. We are committed to preserving land and heritage traditions, collaborating closely with small-scale farmers, beekeepers, and local artisans.

Join us in weaving a tapestry of mindful living, where every offering reflects our dedication to sustainability, remembrance, and a profound reverence for the earth and our shared heritage.  AlkamiCare invites you to nurture the ties that bind us to the essence of slow, purposeful living.


Meet the Maker

Deema Al Huqail, the herbalist and visual storyteller behind AlkamiCare, intertwines her Saudi Arabian-Greek heritage and diasporic experience through ancestral remembrance.

Raised in Lebanon and later pursuing her Bachelor's degree in International Relations in London, Deema combined her humanitarian studies with holistic practices, uncovering resilience, healing, and hope through herbalism.

Currently residing in her ancestral lands in Sparta, while travelling in and out of Athens to experience the dolce vita life of the Mediterennean, Deema photographs and curates seasonal retreats and workshops in Greece, working with her local community to preserve land and heritage traditions.

 Through nurture and nature, AlkamiCare was founded to bridge wellbeing with community. Working with plants as allies can help integrate the many pieces that make our human experience. This gives space for kinship, reciprocity and co-creation.
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