A Call to Listen

Don't let them fool you
Into disbelief.
Thinking that magic isn't real,
And plants can't speak.
That the forest doesn't breathe,
And the moon doesn't feel,
What you feel.
Can you hear them singing?
Sweet whispers.
Lullabies, ballads of womb(man)
The story of you, and me.
From the eyes of flowers,
And the roots of trees.
Not in the language that you speak,
Nor in magical appearances
That the eye can see.

Look within your dreams.
Where nightly prayers weave,
And sacred blessings breathe
Burning pyre beneath the flames.
The smell of wet soil after a night's rain.
The way the first greets you hello,
And Summer goodbye.
The way life starts itself,
All over again.
Through shifting seasons and changing times.
There lies the answers you seek.
Knowing something greater, something grand,
Wild and free
Is listening.
As you, listen too.

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