When the Dead Long to Live

The heavens cast their shadows,
In love and loss we rise.
Can you hear the forest breathing?
In silence and unrest.
The ground shaking below.
Can you feel the rumbling?
The pulse beneath our feet.
Leaves rustling against each other,
In a dance of sorrow,
longing for a connection,
A will to go on.
Remember me in your prayers.
In the darkest hour,
When day surrenders to night,
and your mind is wide awake.
Hear me in the yearning for God
Who resides in you and me,
In whispered hymns and glimmers of grace,
Where burning ember still finds its place.
Clouds heave their gloom over the horizon,
Where waters cascade aimlessly into the abyss,
And fires blaze with anger and rage,
Within the labyrinth of love’s lost maze.
Where is our haven,
In a land of waste and despair?
Come, let us take a walk
Amongst the dead,
And those longing to live.

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