Sacks of Bounty

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Fields of Memory: Olive Harvest Series

Amidst the fading daylight, sacks overflow with the abundance of this season’s yield and the promise of golden liquid to come. Here, in this quiet moment, the field rests. The echoes of farm machinery from a long day’s harvest fade into the serene grove—replaced by birdsong and the gentle rhythm of breathing. Each
sack carries untold stories of the hands who toil under the sun, of the bond between farmer and land. As twilight deepens, the harvest’s end whispers of upheld traditions within the season’s bounty, a fleeting pause before the cycle begins anew.


Fields of Memory is a print and postcard concept honouring Greece's land and heritage traditions. Capturing the essence of Greece—from its rustic heritage to the breathtaking landscapes. Whether you've wandered its ancient streets as a traveller, called its villages home as a local, or cherish memories from afar as an expatriate, these prints and postcards evoke the spirit of the land.

Each series within "Fields of Memory" is a dedication to preserving the stories woven into Greece's cultural tapestry. From the olive and wheat harvests to the mythical landscapes that echo with legends, every print encapsulates a piece of Greece's rich history and natural beauty.

Olive Harvest Series

The "Olive Harvest" series is a tribute to the ancient tradition of olive cultivation in Greece. This collection brings to life the timeless beauty and cultural significance of the olive harvest, a practice that has sustained and defined Greek rural life for millennia.