Cypress of Hecate Essence

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Vibrational essence of Cypress Tree solarised in well water from the Monastery of Zerpitsa in Sparta, Greece.

This essence is for those who want to let go of stagnant energy and seek guidance through the unknown. Cypress offers grounding and direction during transitional times.

Affirmation: "I roam through the unknown with clarity and grace. I let go of what no longer serves me so I may transform and transcend into the path that is meant for me".

Folklore: In Greek mythology, Cypress is associated with the Goddess Hecate, a guardian of the crossroads, the night, magic, and ritual. Cypress is a tree symbolising death and the path to the underworld, which is why it is common to see this plant in cemeteries. After passing through, spirits would meet Hecate at the crossroads, where she would light a lantern and guide them along the path of Hades' underworld.

Hecate led Demeter (Dimitra) through the underworld in search for her daughter Persephone. Once she was found, Hecate remained in the underworld as Persephone's companion and guide for wandering spirits and those curious to delve within the shadows of that which is unseen.


The Ritual:

1. Pour 1-4 drops of flower essences under your tongue around 2 times a day. 

Take flower essences intentionally and intuitively. Feel free to explore different ways of incorporating flower essences into your life — you can pour a few droplets into your water, tea, baths, body oils, and creams.

2. Call in the energy of the plant with intention by inviting their essence to support you energetically. Read the product description for guidelines. Choose an essence that your body gravitates towards, what you need in that time for the plant to support you. You can also incorporate affirmations to instil intentions.

3. Reflect on how you feel before, during, and after taking the essence. Listen to your emotions, your dreams and whatever feelings arise from this practice. 

Journaling, meditating or using tarot/angel cards can be a useful tool for taking note on how essences are supporting you. Feel free to explore any medium that can help you open up and attune to your energetic field.

Ingredients: Cypress essence, well water, spring water, brandy.