Mountain Tea

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Herbal, fragrant and slightly sweet.

About Greek Mountain Tea

Harvested from Taygetos mountain in Sparta, Greece, Sideritis scardica is a flowering plant that grows wild throughout the Greek Mountains.

Greek Mountain tea is also known as Ironwort, Shepherd's Tea, Tea of the Titans, Tea of the Gods, and Tsai Tou Vou Nou, which translates to "Tea of the Mountain" in Greek.

Sideritis comes from the Greek word Sideros, meaning iron or 'he who is of iron.' In Ancient Greece plants associated with iron were usually in reference to those that relieve wounds caused by iron weapons in battle.

Our Greek Mountain Tea is harvested by a local farmer from Sparta, who wildcrafts native herbs from the region while also cultivating a variety of indigenous Greek herbs.


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Greek Mountain Tea aka Ironwort (Sideritis scardica) 

How to Brew

1. Place the herbs in a pot of water, and gently simmer for 3 minutes.

2. Turn off the heat and steep herbs for around 5 minutes.

3. Strain into a cup.

4. (optional) sweeten with honey. You can alternatively enjoy this beverage as an iced-tea.

5. (optional) Brew the used herbs for another batch.