Conifer Tree Honey

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Artisan Fir Tree Honey.

Directly from the beekeeper in Sparta, Greece.

The nectar is harvested by Spyros Papagiannopoulos, a small-scale Greek beekeeper with a passion for agriculture and beekeeping. He tends to the bees year round, sheltering them during the colder months, and moved during the warmer seasons where areas are abundant in conifer trees.

The History and Tradition of Beekeeping in Greece

The practice of honey foraging and beekeeping in Greece may date back to 5500 BCE. If you have travelled to Greece, you probably already captured the richness of Greek honey. It is used daily in all kinds of preparations, from infusing honey into teas and vinegars, or using it in fruit preservations and meads. The exceptional uses of honey and wax influenced ancient Greeks to prescribe bees as a divine symbol in Greek mythology, specifically through the belief that it was the food of the Gods. Beekeeping in Greece is as old as time, with its practice alive from antiquity until the present day.


Honey is packaged in recyclable labels and jars.

The postage boxes are made out of recycled paper.

Disclaimer: Although the picture includes Pine Tree honey, you will be receiving a delicious batch of Fir tree honey which is in the same family as Pine trees.