Legacy Keeper

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Fields of Memory: Olive Harvest Series

Who are our legacy keepers? Through storms and droughts, sun and rain, he tends to the trees, honouring generations past. With each olive picked, he upholds a legacy—rooted in tradition, bound to the land. In his weathered hands, the story of the grove lives on, a testament to the enduring wonder of nature's cycles.


Fields of Memory is a print and postcard concept honouring Greece's land and heritage traditions. Capturing the essence of Greece—from its rustic heritage to the breathtaking landscapes. Whether you've wandered its ancient streets as a traveller, called its villages home as a local, or cherish memories from afar as an expatriate, these prints and postcards evoke the spirit of the land.

Each series within "Fields of Memory" is a dedication to preserving the stories woven into Greece's cultural tapestry. From the olive and wheat harvests to the mythical landscapes that echo with legends, every print encapsulates a piece of Greece's rich history and natural beauty.

Olive Harvest Series

The "Olive Harvest" series is a tribute to the ancient tradition of olive cultivation in Greece. This collection brings to life the timeless beauty and cultural significance of the olive harvest, a practice that has sustained and defined Greek rural life for millennia.